5 ways to boost your business with SparkPoint

SparkPoint is a blockchain project with one of the most diverse and expansive ecosystems in the industry. SparkPoint SparkPoint incorporates products such as SparkPoint Wallet, SparkPlay, SparkLearn, and others. SRK is the native token of SparkPoint. SRK powers all the elements of the platform, letting users interact with SparkPoint’s products. SRK is also a viable payment solution that businesses can integrate. An SRK payment gateway can be deployed with the help of NOWPayments’ tools.

5 ways to boost your business with SparkPoint

Key points:

  • SparkPoint offers high liquidity and utility.
  • SRK can enable businesses to embrace faster payments providing global outreach.
  • NOWPayments helps businesses to accept SRK as payment.

Benefits of SparkPoint


SRK tokens can boast impressive liquidity since they are listed on many exchanges. Kucoin, BitMart, ChangeNOW are only some of the places where you can get SRK tokens. This means that SRK tokens are always available for purchase and can be sold easily at any moment.

Deflationary model

Another unique aspect of SRK is that its total supply of 14 billion coins is expected to decrease to 10 billion. Essentially, over time there will be fewer SRK coins than right now, so SparkPoint uses a deflationary model for its token supply. This is great news for people and businesses that want to hold SRK tokens in their wallets since the smaller the SRK supply, the higher the chance that the currency’s value will grow.

High utility

SparkPoint has a great number of use cases. As a result, the native coin of the project has a high utility. Nowadays, by utilizing SRK, you can not only use the official SparkPoint products but also those outside of the platform.

Ways to upgrade your business

Boost the speed of transactions

Boost the speed of transactions

The standard means of payment that businesses usually offer to their clients often have a slow speed of processing. For instance, when clients use bank transfers to pay for products, such transfers may take days. Moreover, such problems are particularly common in b2b operations. Bank transfers are the most prevalent solution in situations when businesses buy products from producers, suppliers, and manufacturers. It is clear that slow transfers subsequently slow down business processes and prevent companies from gaining quick access to liquidity. Although slow transfers are regarded as unacceptable by pretty much all companies, it seems that there is no alternative. Yet, such a perception is false since cryptocurrencies can address this problem. For example, SRK transactions can be processed in minutes. Moreover, they work 24/7 and all year round without any interruptions, allowing companies to send money in a fast and reliable way.



Modern consumers can be quite choosy. Some people prefer to buy products only from those companies which demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, while others opt for local businesses. Therefore, companies have to be extremely flexible to appeal to the largest audience possible. After all, consumers run the show in every industry, and businesses should adjust to their needs. Privacy has been one of the biggest consumer trends recently. Privacy also concerns payments, which have always been the most non-private component of businesses. When paying using traditional payment methods, the information about payments gets exposed to banks and other third parties. SRK transactions can be used to solve the privacy problem of payments. SRK transactions are confidential money transfers. Since SRK transactions are peer-to-peer, no authority controls how they get processed. Moreover, SRK transactions are not tied to any personal information about the sender and the recipient. Anyone can send and receive SRK absolutely privately. This is why businesses can offer SRK as a safe and private way of making payments to their clients.

Global outreach

Global outreach

In order to survive in the current market, companies need to achieve continuous growth. Yet, such growth cannot be ensured simply by relying on domestic consumers. As a result, businesses that want to be competitive need to seek clients abroad. Conducting businesses in foreign countries can be tough even for seasoned players, especially due to the unique banking systems of every nation. Yet, cryptocurrencies such as SRK can help companies to avoid spending their resources on setting up dozens of bank accounts abroad. SRK transactions are universal and therefore available to every person on the planet. Moreover, in order to use SRK, people do not need to open a bank account or undergo a verification process. All they need is a crypto address which can be generated in seconds. Thus, companies can rely on SRK as a payment method for international clients. SRK can enable companies to replace dozens of payment options with one.

Targeting crypto community

Targeting crypto community

By featuring SRK payments, companies also may expect that this fact will draw the attention of a certain percentage of the SRK community. Businesses can offer a discount to SRK holders and thus encourage them to exchange their tokens for products. If businesses do it right, they may see their profits grow. After all, there are thousands of SRK holders, and it is quite possible that some of them have been dreaming of purchasing products with SRK. So, why not give them such an opportunity?

Low fees

Low fees

SRK transactions are also relatively cheap. When compared to Ethereum fees, SRK’s are almost non-existent. Low fees are always a win-win situation for consumers and businesses. Clients end up paying less money while companies can offer lower prices.

How to accept SRK payments

NOWPayments provides businesses with several reliable solutions for featuring SRK payments.

Online merchants can install special plugins which are designed specifically for the following platforms: PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Shopware. Plugins automate all payments and let companies get SRK payments.

Businesses also can issue crypto invoices and use a virtual Point-of-Sale terminal. Such tools let merchants get more control over their crypto payments. Moreover, there is an option of featuring subscription-based crypto payments.

Charities, bloggers, and non-profit organizations can use donation widgets, buttons, and links to accept SRK donations


SparkPoint is known for its incredible ecosystem. Businesses can accept SparkPoint’s native cryptocurrency to get faster and more private payments. NOWPayments offers several tools for featuring SRK payments.

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