Bridge Champ Reveals Roadmap for 2022, Features NFTs and More

    • Bridge Champ launches roadmap for 2022.
    • It includes tournament addition, NFT registration, token payments, and rewards.
    • Bridge Champ is developed by Jelurida blockchain technology.

Bridge Champ, a blockchain-based advanced online bridge platform, has unveiled its roadmap for 2022 that includes the company’s crucial milestones and goals. In a nutshell, Bridge Champ’s plans for this year to revolve around NFT registration, tournament addition, token payments, and rewards.

Furthermore, the platform aims to make the bridge game more accessible than before. According to the founder of Bridge Champ Barak Lieberman, the company recognized the need for a practical, convenient, and fun online bridge play solution.

That said, Bridge Champ partnered with Jelurida, a blockchain technology company, to bring together global users. Through Jelurida’s Ardor blockchain, both parties introduce trust; credibility; transparency; and accountability for data sharing.

Developed by Jelurida, Bridge Champ automates the historic card game’s main functions. The purpose-built and customizable environment integrates innovative gaming with open APIs to allow competitive organization.

In detail, Bridge Champ’s 2022 roadmap is rolled out as follows:

  • Enhanced gaming bots for high-level Bridge (April 2022)
  • Releasing the mobile application (May 2022)
  • Creation of tournaments (closed beta in June 2022)
  • NFT registration for achievements (Q3 2022)
  • Teaching module closed beta (Q4 2022)
  • Social networks integration (Q4 2022)
  • And much more

Moreover, Bridge Champ utilizes several social features to connect bridge players around the world. Additionally, this lays the groundwork for taking current bridge clubs and federations to the digital space.

What’s more, Bridge Champ will explore further opportunities for other casual games. Players can pay for multiple games and services via the IGNIS token or leverage the asset to convert between tokens and fiat currencies when required. IGNIS is the native token of the Ignis blockchain, a part of Jelurida’s Ardor ecosystem.

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