EOS Network Foundation Seeks Community’s Help in Ongoing Lawsuit

  • ENF posted an update about the B1 litigation proceeding.
  • ENF asks for the EOS community’s help for evidence collection.
  • Community-elected ENF CEO Yves La Rose posted on Twitter about the matter.

In line with the ongoing $4.1B-lawsuit against, the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) has posted a new update pertaining to the existing litigation. ENF is seeking the EOS community’s support in evidence collection to strengthen the case.

Moreover, the community is asked to send their personal or business experiences with, EOS, or EOS VC. Furthermore, the ENF team guarantees that all submissions will be reviewed; nonetheless may not be replied to.

In a tweet created by Yves La Rose, the ‘community-elected’ CEO revealed that they have received countless inquiries from those supporting them. La Rose further said that they will keep the whole community updated as the investigation progresses.

It was last February 10 when ENF announced that it would institute formal litigation proceedings against the original developers of EOS, According to a blog post, ENF explained that “ has not kept its word regarding past promises and that both the community and individual EOS users have been harmed as a result.”

This led to multiple discussions between the two parties that took place in November and December 2021. However, ENF affirms that walked away from these negotiations. As a result, the EOS Block Producers deemed it necessary to freeze the vesting of all the EOS tokens that was supposed to receive.

Additionally, La Rose also noted that the ENF plans to review all potential legal actions to acquire “$4.1B in damages”.

Meanwhile, for those who are intending to take part in the evidence collection process, ENF rolled out a few rules:

  • The EOS Network Foundation Privacy Policy must be reviewed and agreed with.
  • Defamatory or misleading comments are not allowed.
  • Content submissions must be short and to the point.
  • Relevant screenshots, links, and/or references must be attached.
  • The EOS Network Foundation will be issued a royalty-free license to research the comments and possibly publish them with or without edits.

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