Ethereum Founder: Hoskinson’s Fake PhD Claims ‘Could be True’

  • Metametaverse and Ethereum co-founder Joel Dietz said fake credentials accusations against Charles Hoskinson “could be true.”
  • Dietz was a keynote speaker at the WOW Summit in Dubai.
  • Dietz shared his reactions on “Facebook’s definition of meta” and updates about his metaverse.

Metametaverse CEO Joel Dietz said accusations towards fellow Ethereum founder Charles Hoskinson for having fake credentials “could be true.”

Dietz was a keynote speaker at the World of Web3 (WOW) Summit in Dubai. When asked to comment on the record regarding reports claiming that his Ethereum colleague Hoskinson falsified his university credentials, he said that the claim might be closer to the truth.

Dietz clarified that he initially had no idea about this development. Looking back to their early Ethereum days, Dietz had only praises for Hoskinson, saying he “is a very smart guy, who is also very opinionated [person].

I have nothing but pleasant exchanges with him. But, you know, [the accusation] could be true.

Dietz further explained that falsification within the crypto industry is commonplace, especially during early conception. Companies tend to “[do not] do the things they said they were going to do,” he added.

The Metametaverse CEO also shared his affirmation of ex-Nintendo COO Reggie Fils-Aime’s comment – that he does not buy in Facebook’s definition of the metaverse and that Facebook is not an innovative company.

[Facebook] has tons of money, but I don’t know if they have tons of innovation. They’re used to just buying things, but then the people who they bought it on aren’t necessarily happy.

Dietz claimed that the founders of WhatsApp, a communication app that was purchased by Facebook in 2014, were “kind of sad and disappointed.” Earlier, reports have surfaced of WhatsApp founder Brian Acton’s dismay of Facebook.

Further agreeing to Fils-Aime’s statements that the metaverse will be led by “small companies,” Dietz said, “it’s a natural process for the smaller people to be more interesting and edgy – testing something new.

He added what Metametaverse is doing is “too edgy” for Facebook.

Metametaverse is set to introduce many new features to the platform. These developments include voice chat, live multiplayer, and upgradeable mentorships. Dietz confirmed users could “start flying around” on Mars, wherein active development is already happening.

Dietz shared they are going to issue land NFTs this March 15, claiming that Mars’ real estate will be “quite active for a while.” Dietz opined that they are banking on a more “serious type of metaverse” that covers architecture and city planning more than just gaming, fitness, and education.

Dietz shared his enthusiasm for the project, saying they have the “perfect solution” for providing what users would want from a metaverse. He is happy that the platform has so far received positive feedback from the community.

The Ethereum co-founder also revealed that his anthology book on cryptoeconomics is “basically done,” while his novel that features puzzles in the metaverse is still in the works.

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