Klever (KLV) on eCommerce plugins

Klever provides innovative, easy-to-use, and secure DeFi products powered by peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies. KLV is the native cryptocurrency of Klever that enables investors to conduct different operations both on and off chain. Klever is a promising project that has garnered a sizeable number of users. Currently, there are 3 million people using Klever. Since Klever is so popular, it is natural to expect that a share of KLV investors would actually be interested in spending their Klever coins. Businesses can begin to feature KLV payments using NOWPayments’ plugins for online stores.

Klever on eCommerce plugins

Key Points:

  • KLV is the native crypto of Klever.
  • KLV payments can help businesses to attract new clients.
  • NOWPayments’ plugins enable online merchants to accept KLV payments.

What is Klever (KLV)

Klever is the cryptocurrency which powers the entire Klever ecosystem. KLV is necessary for every user that wants to use Klever products and services such as Klever Wallet and Klever Exchange. KLV acts as fuel, so all of the transactions occurring within the Klever ecosystem are processed with the help of KLV.

Why use KLV for crypto payments

New clientele

New clientele

As mentioned above, Klever is used by millions of people. The Klever ecosystem is constantly expanding as it gets new use cases. Online businesses can easily develop their own KLV use case by featuring a Klever payment gateway and thus give the abaility to purchase their products to 3 million KLV investors. KLV payments can become a new source of competitive advantage for online merchants. The Klever community always supports businesses that contribute to the adoption of KLV by accepting it as payment. Therefore, online merchants that decide to offer KLV as a payment option can generate a lot of buzz about their brand in the Klever community.

Borderless transactions

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, so there are no gatekeepers such as banks that can control them. As a result, cryptocurrencies can be easily transferred by people across the world without any barriers, such as interbank transfers and similar operations that significantly slow down the entire process. With borderless crypto payments, online merchants can reach out to a larger number of clients, especially those living abroad. KLV payments can be used as a universal payment method available to everyone on the planet, as long as they have an internet connection. KLV transactions are extremely easy and take mere minutes, no matter where the sender and recipient live geographically-wise.


KLV transactions are also private. This means that they do not contain any personal information neither about the sender nor about the recipient. In fact, no registration is required in order to start sending and receiving KLV. Users cannot be banned from the network, too. Thus, KLV can become a confidential method of payment for online stores and their clients.

Plugins for Klever



PrestaShop is a go-to Commerce platform for many merchants around the world. The software is distributed freely and has open code. PrestaShop’s directory of merchants has grown beyond 100,000 over the years. The interface of PrestaShop can be translated into more than 50 languages which makes it attractive for international stores. PrestaShop merchants can receive assistance from a highly professional support team of the platform. PrestaShop also features an add-on marketplace, enabling merchants to choose and install additional tools to enhance their online operations. NOWPayments’ plugin is one of such add-ons, and it provides online stores with a chance to accept KLV payments.



WooCommerce is a major part of the WordPress platform since it provides merchants with a modern eCommerce solution. WooCommerce enables businesses to turn their ordinary websites into full-scale stores. WooCommerce helps merchants to sell both digital and physical products and services. Merchants can use WooCommerce for free. There are several basic features, including payment gateways, a free WordPress theme, a shipping calculator, a shopping cart, etc. WooCommerce is compatible with many. NOWPayments’ extension for WooCommerce allows merchants to accept Klever as payment.



Shopify is another solution that lets merchants make their online stores. Shopify users get access to a plethora of themes they can utilize when customizing the store of their brand. Shopify is a user-friendly platform that considerably facilitates the process of store creation. At the same time, users can manually adjust their code. Shopify merchants do not need to purchase web hosting. An internet connection and a computer are everything one would need to run a Shopify store. Shopify has all the essential tools for eCommerce stores. NOWPayments expands the functionality of Shopify by helping merchants to accept KLV payments.



Shopware is an eCommerce solution that has a flexible infrastructure. Shopware enables merchants to create and run online stores with numerous cool features. The range of online businesses that can be deployed with Shopware is unlimited. Shopware merchants can fully customize their stores according to their needs. Shopware merchants have access to built-in SEO tools. Shopware’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Many internationally-recognized brands use Shopware, including L’Oreal. NOWPayments’ plugin helps Shopware businesses to start to accept KLV payments.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is an eCommerce shopping cart system which is based on PHP. Zen Cart is free and open-source. Therefore, users can change their code and tailor their stores to their particular needs. Zen Cart is a scalable platform letting businesses create online stores of any size. Zen Cart has a great number of tools and services, which make it a modern and advanced shopping cart software. Zen Cart is the ultimate solution for merchants that do not want to spend money on eCommerce services. NOWPayments’ plugin for Zen Cart is a tool that enables merchants to bring Klever payments to their stores.

How to accept KLV payments using plugins

NOWPayments helps online businesses to set up a crypto payment gateway. Online merchants can deploy a Klever payment gateway by following these few steps:

  •  First, you will need to sign up on the official website of NOWPayments.
  •  Then, you will be asked to provide your KLV address, to which you would like to receive funds.
  •   Next, you will need to generate an API key.
  •   Once you have your key, go to the page of the plugin, which is compatible with your store’s platform.
  •   Follow the instructions which are listed on the page of the plugin.


KLV is the native crypto of Klever that can provide merchants with borderless and private payments. Online stores can use NOWPayments’ plugins to accept KLV payments.

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