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Popstar Sia revealed herself to be the popular Twitter account and NFT collector ‘Bianca ‘de Medici’.

The Australian singer-songwriter shared a Sia-signed thread on the @BiancaMedici69 account last week, stating that she has been exploring the cryptocurrency space since 2016. Sia has made investments into bitcoin and Altcoins, but never became, as she put it, “a speculator.”

However, it was tokenized digital art and the wave of NFTs that changed everything for her. 

“I truly fell in love, and I mean down the rabbit hole, total degen, multiple wallets, jpeg addict, kind of love… At the core…” shared “Bianca de Medici”.

“I’m an artist and appreciate any medium that allows people to express who they are inside. I hope that you’ll allow me to keep supporting this ecosystem, sharing and creating things that can help move the genre forward. I love you all! ” Bianca de Medici ended, signing the post as famous artist Sia.

Bianca de Medici’s mysterious Twitter account was created in January but soon became popular among the crypto community due to her intense investments into NFT art. Bianca, now revealed to be Sia, owns a collection of 566 NFT artworks on the OpenSea marketplace. 

Sia’s full disclosure comes months after hip hop superstar Snoop Dog unmasked himself as the owner of popular NFT Twitter account ‘Cozomo de’ Medici’.

Cozomo de’ Medici, a name made in reference to renaissance patron of the arts Cosimo de’ Medici, joined Twitter and OpenSea last August, and soon became the owner of $17million worth of assets, and a star account with 214.3K followers.

Reportedly, the iconic rapper revealed his true identity behind the Cozomo de’ Medici in order to “bring many welcomed eyeballs to NFT”.

Bianca de Medici’s Twitter account, in the meantime, describes itself as being a “Granddaughter of @cozomomedici.”

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