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Key takeaways:

  • Opera has added support for Solana, Polygon, and several other Web3-centric chains in the latest iteration of its crypto-focused browser
  • The company released a beta version of the Web3 browser in January; at the time, the Opera team committed to expanding support for Layer 2 networks
  • Opera’s crypto-centric browser features a built-in digital wallet, content-rich “Crypto Corner” and a host of other crypto-oriented features

Opera’s native Web3 browser receives support for major blockchain networks

Norwegian Internet pioneer Opera has announced its mobile Web3 browser’s range of supported blockchain ecosystems has been expanded with several popular chains, including Solana, Polygon, StarkEx, Ronin, Celo, Nervos, IXO, and Bitcoin.

The company’s “Crypto Browser Project” provides native support for decentralized applications (dApps) and serves as a gateway to Web3 for millions of Opera users thanks to a built-in digital wallet and a host of other crypto-centric features. 

Opera released a beta version of its crypto browser in January. At the time, the company noted that a push towards greeted Layer 2 compatibility is one of its priorities, and committed to rolling out support for Polygon and Solana as soon as possible. Now, roughly three months later, the company has made good on its promise.

Jorgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera, highlighted the importance of recent blockchain integrations in a statement:

“The average web user may still be hesitant to dabble with Web3, but with the integration of Solana, Polygon, and others in our mobile browser, they can now access these technologies from the safety and familiarity of the browser that provides them with a dedicated Web3 experience.”

In addition to a built-in non-custodial digital wallet, which allows users to gain exposure to DeFi, NFTs, and various Web3 services, Opera’s crypto-centric browser also features a special section called “Crypto Corner,” which displays the latest blockchain and NFT news, a calendar of crypto events, such as upcoming airdrops and other important dates, educational content, and more.

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