Ripple Donates $1M to Ukraine; UNHCR, WCKitchen Share Fund

  • Ripple is ready to donate $1 million to the displaced people in Ukraine.
  • UNHCR and World Central Kitchen will be sharing this amount.
  • Both these organizations have been helping the Ukrainian government.

Ever since the Russia-Ukraine crisis began, Ukraine has been steadily gaining support from different countries, organizations, and crypto firms. Since the attacks began on February 24, several organizations have been lending their support and solidarity in the forms of fiats, cryptocurrencies, food, equipment, and even social media posts.

Recently, in a Twitter post, Ripple talked about its $1 million support for Ukraine. This amount is to be shared between the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and World Central Kitchen (WCK). The Ripple team intends to strengthen the efforts taken by both organizations that are helping the exodus of people in Ukraine to neighboring countries.

Beyond this support, Ripple will also support its employees’ donations to NGOs and will work with the global XRP community to develop a crypto-to-cash direct giving program for Ukrainians.

As of yesterday, Elliptic analytics reports that crypto donations to Ukraine overwhelmed an estimated amount of $54.7 million which equals over 102,000 crypto asset donations. Also, donations have taken the form of NFTs and stable coins. In detail, bitcoin and Ethereum donations have been surging since the invasion.

In a Tweet by UNHCR, it said that around 1 million people have now migrated to neighboring countries like Poland.

The post read:

1,000,000 people have now fled the military action in Ukraine to find safety in neighboring countries. That’s 1,000,000 refugees who need our support.

Founded by Chef José Andrés in 2010, WCK is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization that provides meals for those affected by the aftermath of natural disasters or war crises. In the wake of the Russian invasion, the organization has been effectively working on the frontlines to serve the displaced people of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, UNHCR works to protect and shelter refugees all over the world. It is enrooted to ensure emergency assistance during times of displacement.

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