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  • Individual defendants file an objection to the SEC’s request for an extension of the deadline.
  • Ripple and the individual defendants file their response advocating the court’s stance on Hinman’s documents and Estabrook notes.

  The folks from the cryptosphere are now elated, as the business sports an impeccable run on the charts. Wherefore, the market cap of the industry is now inching closer to the $2 Trillion market capitalization.

Successively, the lawsuit stricken digital asset is exhibiting gains inline with the market trends, with price gains accounting to ~4.5%.   

Conversely, XRP has also come across a notable event in Ripple’s lawsuit, as it comes closer to the summary judgment briefs. The notable occurrences in the legal brawl include.

The individual defendants filing an objection to the SEC’s request for an extension of the deadline. And defendants filing their response justifying the court’s stance on Hinman and Estabrook notes.

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Defendants Voice Against The SEC’s Recurring Delays!

  Defense lawyer James K. Filan has brought to the notice, the recent occurrences in Ripple’s legal brawl. The plaintiffs have made submission of the motion to request an extension of no longer than a week. After the individual defendants file their answers, to inform the court of whether the SEC intends to conduct any additional discovery.

Successively, the SEC in the filing cites that, in pursuant to the court’s order from March 14th 2022. The parties have met and conferred, on March 17th, to determine whether an additional discovery is necessary.

Whilst the defendants have advised that they do not seek to conduct liability discovery now. They would want to reserve their stance after the summary judgements.

Consequently, the plaintiffs mention that they are unable to commit to a position. Until it has an opportunity to review the individual defendant’s answers.

The individual defendants have objected to the extension, saying the SEC has made delays long enough. And that nothing should further delay Ripple from moving for summary judgements and proving their stance.

Ripple Now Stands With The Court’s Stance In The Lawsuit?

  Ripple and the individual defendants have filed their responses, justifying the court’s stance in Hinman’s documents and Estabrook notes. The filing cites that the January 13th opinion compelling the SEC to produce communication around the Hinman speech was expressly not premised.

Successively, on a finding that the defendants articulation of the standard of recklessness was correct, and the SEC’s was erroneous.

Moreover, it is brought to the notice that Judge Torres’s recent decision does not merit reconsideration of the court’s January-13th opinion. And that the Estabrook notes are not internal documents, as they were from a meeting with a third party. 

XRP Price Projection!  

XRP price at the time of writing is changing hands at $0.8471 with gains of 4.5%. Whilst the market cap is hovering around $40,772,700,447.

The volume of trades for around the clock is up 70.67% at $2,936,031,018. XRP price is ranging in the 24-hour bandwidth from the lows of $0.8062 to the highs of $0.0.8661.

The price of the digital asset has been escalating inline with the optimistic trends in the business. That said, the recent developments in the lawsuit, and the possibility of the filing of summary judgment happening in May. Has been fueling optimism in XRP’s price projection. Which is presently trading 9.3% over the week. 

Summing up, Ripple has finally made its strike back with allegations around Hinman speech and estabrook notes. Which the XRP army has been waiting for, since the filing made by the SEC.

Moreover, we can expect more fuel coming to XRP price, as summary judgment is expected to be filed in May. That would open doors to a settlement in the case. 

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