Rumor Mill: Bitcoin + Apple? Bitcoin 2022 Conference Hints

Rumors swirl around Apple, Bitcoin, and Jack Mallers’ Strike.


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Bitcoin 2022

The upcoming Bitcoin 2022 Conference, the annual event of all things Bitcoin, is generating buzz, and rumors abound. The conference begins in two days and is the perfect time to drop green-candle-inducing bombshells.

The speaker lineup is a litany of crypto A-listers, including El-Salvador’s Nayib Bukele, Michael Saylor, Cathie Wood, Jack Mallers, Anthony Pompliano, and many more. Oh, and a music festival with some of the top names as well.


But before the music stops, all of the crypto world will have its collective ear to the ground, hoping for a big news drop. Currently, the rumor mill is locked on the aforementioned Jack Mallers, CEO of Bitcoin Lightning Network payments app Strike. Many ‘crumbs’ have been sprinkled online leading to rumors that Apple and Strike will be announcing something during the extravaganza.

Firstly, the fact that the CEO of Apple Tim Cook has admitted he owns Bitcoin is driving the hopium even further. Because Apple has always been at the cutting edge of technology, culture, and finance, the company adopting Bitcoin in some way would cause the collective ground to shake.

Jack Mallers and Strike

Senator Cynthia Lummis, another prominent speaker at the event, has alluded to a big announcement that Jack Mallers would make in April in regards to Strike “and the lightning network.” However, the main source behind the swelling rumors is Jack Mallers himself.

In the last two weeks, he has tweeted out numerous signals that Apple is to be involved in some major announcement. On March 30th, he tweeted out a thread that contained a reference to milk, him holding a milk jug, and a message with Strike’s mission about making the Bitcoin network “accessible and usable.”

If Apple integrates Strikes into Apple Pay, it would allow for these basic purchases, like Milk, to be used on Apple pay, with Bitcoin, via the Lightning Network. At least, that is what many are surmising from his esoteric tweet.

Interestingly, he then added a clip from Steve Jobs talking about marketing, and how Milk sales only increased when the industry stopped talking about the benefits but focused on the famous “Got Milk?” campaign. Maybe a “Got Bitcoin?” campaign is the focus of Mallers.

Notably, Jobs mentions in the clip that the Dairy industry has convinced people that it is good for you, then Jobs quips that it actually isn’t. Could Mallers be using this theme to riff on the idea that financial institutions have always said: “bitcoin is bad for us”? Apple clearly saw “Got Milk” as a “case study” for marketing. Milk may simply be a metaphor for Apple in these tweets.

It has also been speculated that the rollout of a new iPhone feature could be part of the integration. Apple announced plans in February to launch Tap to Pay for its iPhone, “a new feature that effectively turns the smartphone into a point-of-sale device for businesses and merchants.”

According to Apple, the upcoming Tap to Pay feature will include “Apple Pay, contactless credit and debit cards, and other digital wallets.” Considering Strike’s capacity to allow users to send bitcoin with no added fees. The most likely partnership would be Apple integrating with Strike for its new Tap to Pay feature.

With all the buzz around this hinted Bitcoin 2022 bombshell, Mallers certainly must deliver something big, or he would in for endless milk meme madness. One thing is for sure, if the news is true, it would be preceded by certain on-chain data showing whales trying to front-run the announcement.

In obvious terms, this would mean bitcoin would spike in price unless somehow they have kept this under wraps very tightly. Considering Mallers is doing more than hinting, and the conference is in two days, it is a surprise the entire market isn’t slamming the buy button.

The Bitcoin Conference has become more than a niche event for crypto enthusiasts, it has become a global, must-see event. We will keep you updated this week should any news drop.

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